Monday, September 20, 2010

Just a few Words

I'm at my Software class today to learn how to use my embroidery software.  I can feel my brain expanding.  I did finally learn a little bit on my own a couple of weeks ago and managed to get the note card done.  By the way I stitched out 2 more on 400 lb water color paper and mounted it on colored card stock and it looks really good.  I'm getting really inspired to start creating things for the embroidery machine to do.  Soooo many things to create, soooo little time.  (Back in my girlish days I said "So many men, so little time."--,  things change when you become a quilter.)

I worked on my new purse before class this am and will probably have it to show tomorrow.  BTW the lady loved her quilt yesterday!


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