Sunday, September 26, 2010

Elephant quilt complete

Just finished the Elephant quilt.  I hope you can see the stitching on the front and the back.  Using that little elephant from the fabric really turned out cute!  I positioned it alternating right side up and upside down, like it was in the fabric so the quilt wouldn't be directional with a definite up to it.  But you know, sometimes I think we get to fussy with trying to get all the fabric going the same way in our quilts til it makes us crazy and really takes away some of the joy of the process.  For example, the next quilt I will do is a BQ. If any of you have done this quilt it is a simple pattern, goes very quickly until you have a directional fabric and then you have to really jump through a lot of hoops to get it put together so that all the big squares are oriented the way you want them and with the print right side up.  The one I'm getting ready to start has direction fabric, but the piecer did not pay attention to that and guess what?  It looks just fine.  Imagine that! 

Things are a lot cooler outside today-- yippee!!

Happy quilting! 

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