Thursday, September 16, 2010

Finished Another

This one went pretty fast.  It looks like it was made from fat quarters cut into large squares and the strip that was cut off to make the square was used to make the border.  What I did for the quilting was to divide the large squares into four using a wavy line, (very forgiving) and then put an eight petalled flower echoed twice around in each square.  The quilting went very fast.  First I marked off the divisions with a chaco marker as I went down the quilt.  The chalk actually disappears as you sew with the vibration of the machine.  You can see  a little cloud of dust rising up as you go.  I just mark with my ruler as far as I can, sew that far, mark some more, sew some more, mark some more.  It always seems like more work to me to lay out the quilt and mark the whole thing and then quilt it.  With chalk or Air erase marker your marking WILL disappear before you get done quilting, so you will have to use a marker that has to be taken out like a water erase marker.  Thus Mark it, quilt it, take out the marking.  That's literally doing the design 3 times!!

On the Back of the quilt you can see the divisions easily and also the the echoed flowers.  Those are always fun.  Remember you can click on the pictures to make them bigger and see the stitching.

Happy Quilting

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  1. I love that pattern! It looks great on the quilt top, and on the back.


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