Saturday, September 4, 2010

Egyptian Swet Peas

This is a picture of my living room window.  I know, where's the window?  that's the whole purpose of planting them there.  It makes the apartment a lot cooler.  Especially THIS summer.  14 days above 100 degrees.  It takes till about August 1st for them to really cover the windows all the way and to start having flowers but they do the job pretty good.

Didn't get anymore quilting done this morning, but I did clean the bathroom floor, go to the grocery store and now I'm fixing to make some banana bran muffins.  Don't you just hate it when you buy bananas that are not quite ripe and they mush up before they even ripen?

Better get on with it. My nurse will be here in about an hour and then I can sit all day!

Happy quilting.  Wish I was at the Laughing Quilters today.!


  1. That is incredible! I must get some for my westside windows. Where do you find the seeds? [JLW}

  2. Someone gave them to me, but you can probably find them at the garden center uner hyacinth.
    Mary Ann


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