Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Gadget Girl

Gadget Girl
I have a new purse, I have a new purse, la la la la la la .....  I'm doin' the happy dance here. Tthis one is made out of denim, tapestry and "bomber jacket' (a faux leather product--wonderful and soft for straps!!).  I bought this years ago when I was making purses for the public, before I started quilting for the public.  A wonderful source for this fabric (where I bought all this), is Philex.  Locally, You can find it in Moore in the industrial park at I-35 and Shields Exit.  You can also find them on Line,
Gadget Girl back
If you are local I have to recommend that you go by the store and meet Henry in person and tell him that you are a friend of Mary Ann (the girl that used to be on Oxygen, that made purses).  He'll give you a good price but you'll still have to buy a minimum of 2 yards.  Not bad when you are doing upholstery, but might seem hard to use up when you are making one purse.  If you have a lot of friends making purses you might be able to split some yardage. I used up a most of what I bought selling purses and making beautiful gifts.  And like I said, the bomber jacket makes great straps.  A four inch cross cut (60 inches) makes two straps for a regular purse.  For gadget girl it take two four inch cross cuts.  (To make straps I always fold the piece in half lengthwise and then fold each side to the middle.  Then I fold it in half so it is one inch wide and top stitch down each side with an edge stitch foot so I sttch straight easily---(soooo much easier than trying to turn it with padding in the middle)--this makes a very strong strap.  I just retired a purse made out of drapery/upholstery weight fabric that I have been carrying for at least 3 years and it barely shows any wear except dirt.  I guess I should wash it. Ha.

Sadly the pool is closed

Basted 2 more quilts yesterday.  If you have any quilts to be done for Christmas better start getting them in.  I'm getting caught up so now's the time to get you Christmas gifts in for guarenteed delivery by Christmas. 

Happy quilting

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