Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I finally had success with my embroidery software and sewing it out.  I know you must think I'm exceptionally computer challenged.  But actually, I just don't have a lot of time to devote to the learning curve.  I'm scheduled for a class in a couple of weeks.)  This is a note card I designed using a design already in the software, adding the the letter "G" (for my sister Gina), then transferring it to my emboidery module/sewing machine and sewing it out on the cardstock.  There are a few issues.  But I think I'll get some heavy water color paper to do the emboidery on, then paste that on the front of the card.  The back side of the embroidery has to be covered and I think that will look better than covering the inside of the notecard.  But I think it turned out great for a first try and my confidence level is a 10!!!
Getting ready for this project that took about 10 minutes took about 3 hours.  I couldn't find the stablilizer.  Then when I finally found it andI was ready to hoop it, I needed to put  wonder tape on he bottom of the hoop and couldn't get the paper off.  Then, being a new hoop, I needed  the spreader spring, so of course I dropped it.  So we looked for that for aboutr 15 minutes.  Didn't find it.  Then, I immediatedly dropped the little bolt the screw fits it. Couldn't find that, but I did find the spring with my telescoping magnet. 
Finally gave up, deciding to get the little bolt off another hoop, and when I went to close the telescoping magnet, there was the little bolt on the end of the magnet waiting patiently for me, saying "Here I am!"

Happy  quilting

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  1. So this is on paper? Why do you need to cover the backside? Could you take a picture of the backside of the card and your approach to covering it? [jw]


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