Monday, August 2, 2010

Already Lonely

Dusty has been at the groomer less than an hour and I already miss him.  I'm hopeless.  He's a hairy, hairy dog and with 100+ temps had to get it zipped off again.  When we cut it off in April it was dragging the ground.  Well check out the length of his legs.  Pretty short.  Sometimes we use his Royal name "Your Shortness".  I'll post more pics when he comes home all butch looking.  He's a very stout little doggie.  Little ha!

Weighs nearly 40 pounds.  Bassett/Aussie mix. Adorable and soft and beautiful eyes!! Not very photogenic. Great companion.  That's why I already miss him.  I was quilting and he wasn't sitting next to me poking me in the butt with his nose.

Happy quilting

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  1. Ann he is loveley, and I now wen you se I miss him. I have 2 jack russels there er alway's with me, whether I quilt , outside in the garden work or drinking coffee , they at my feet.
    You have a nice blog.
    Greatings Tiny from the Netherlands.


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