Sunday, August 8, 2010


Finished the String quilt and listening to The Valley of Horses by Jean Auel at exactly the same time just before time to stop for swimming this morning.Perfect timing.  Listening to books and quilting at the same time is a great marriage of activities.  I recommend  using headphones because the sewing machine is loud and makes it hard to hear the book if listening to speakers.  I have read the Jean Auel books before, but love them.  I have a hard time reading a book again, but I can listen over and over.  These days, I have a hard time finding time to actually read a book,  most of the "reading" I get done is listening. 

It's hot here again.  We had a few days last week of mid 90's instead of  100's but it's already 101 and it's not even noon.  Prisoner already.  I don't do well in heat, so I don't go out much unless it's extremely important.

Happy quilting

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