Friday, August 20, 2010

Slide Show

What I said the other day about being almost halfway done?  Well, it was a gross underestimation.  I worked about 4 hours yesterday and when I started this morning I was shocked to see I was at the halfway point.  After the 4 hours yesterday and then the hour of treading water in the pool I was all shaky and had to spend the afternoon in the bed sleeping.  Haven't built up my strength yet.

Will be going to Bernina later today to get help with  updating the software.  It was just a little to complicated for me.  but then I think I'll feel like I can use it because every thing I have seen demonstrating it has been with the update.

The Picture today is a studio picture of Dusty.  I cropped out the 2 old people!  Oh,  that's his rubber chicken and pink ball to the right.

Happy quilting

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