Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back of Slide Show

I'm not quite halfway done with the Slide show quilt.  I knew it would go fast because I;m very comfortable with this design. I've done all the elements of the design many, many times so all I had to decide was where to put the flowers, the leaves and the poinsettias and then my path was determined and off I went.  Often times the deciding what to do is the hardest part of the quilting process.  

I'll be going to my Sew'n Go today with the Mid-Del Stitchin Sisters Quilt Guild.  Haven't been able to go last couple of time because it's been so hot.  Low nineties today. (you have to live in OK to understand low nineties as not so hot)  If you have never gone to sew with a group of people, you are missing out on an opportunity to have a lot of fun ans also to learn a whole lot.  If all you do is sew by yourself,  you do things the same way over and over.  You may have learned it the hard way.  If you sew with others you may find out secret ways of doing things easier.  And of course there is always the laughing.  There is always. the laughing. 

Happy quilting.

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