Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cool front almost here

The very first flowers of my Egyptian sweet peas are setting on the vines over my windows.  They always finally cover my windows and put on the flowers in August and I really needed them this year.  We're supposed to get a cool front later this evening and highs will be 10 - 15 degrees cooler the next couple of days. Yippee!!

My classes went well.  All the students did the turtle.  I think the feather swath must be intimidating.  My student yesterday went out and got us lunch and then loaded my sewing machine in the car and started my car to get it cooled off for me afterward.  Thanks Lisa!

Picked out fabrics for a new purse pattern I got last week at the Laughing Quilters group.  I'm hoping to get it made for both me and my sister before she gets here on Labor day.  Guess I better cut down on bejeweled twist and cut out the bags.

Happy quilting

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