Sunday, August 22, 2010

Finished Slide Show

Finished The Slide Show yesterday.  Those big quilts, this one was 90 x 100, always seem to grow before they're done.  I've got another one basted and ready to go and a couple of very small quilts I'll work on today. 
I've been struggling to learn how to use my new embroidery software and I'm finally getting somewhere with that.  Yesterday I  designed a label for a quilt I made a couple of years ago for myself  and this morning I designed a label for a friend.  Ooops!!  As I look at it here I realize I left out the most important part.  "Made and quilted by Mary Ann Tate".  Back to the design board.  (The quilting on the label is a design by Diane Gaudinsky, not me.)

Happy quilting.

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