Sunday, August 29, 2010


Thought I better get at least one picture before summer's end to document that I really was in the pool treading water!  My tan speaks for itself but of course without a picture you can't see it.  I pretty much stay away from cameras (thus the profile pix from 1994!)

Started really getting ready for my sister's visit.  So much to do before she gets here a week from tomorrow.  I'm still in disarray from getting a new sewing table in May when I had to rearrange my space behind my couch to accommodate for the bigger table.

 I realized yesterday that the reason I have had so much difficulty doing anything besides quilting in the "new" space in because everything in my nest in now backwards and all my tools organized (crammed) in my corner at my finger tips are now spread out and not so easily available.  I'm still trying to organize that area, but needed to live and work in my space a while to define it and figure out exactly how to feather it. A  lot of my old space remains "exploded " out on to the dining room table., and that has to get transfered somewhere by next Monday.  Oh yeah,  I still have  some quilting to do. 

Happy quilting

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