Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New Day

Had doctor's appointment this am with my respiratory guy.  I'm doin' okay for the next 6 months unless some creeping crude stuff comes up.  Went swimming afterwards.  The pool was wonderful.  Will probably quilt some this afternoon.  Yesterday, I got one quilt basted at Sew'n Go before I pooped out.  Since I've been so weak for the past 2 weeks, I'll have to build back up to being up on my feet.  But I did get the outside of my purse cut out before I had to leave to go to my embroidery club meeting.  I need to sign up to take the class, but I like to go at software slowly at my own speed.  I'm catching on a little.  Had a few 'aha' moments yesterday.  One thing I learned is that I need to update my software so it works the same as there's does but it is becoming clearer to me how it operates.  I am going to try and design a label for one of my quilts.
Happy quilting

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