Thursday, August 26, 2010

What a cutie

Finished the cute cat quilt for one of the sisters.  Will get to the other one soon, but first I'm going to take a break today and work on purses I'm making for me and and my sister.  She'll be here in about a week and a half so I better get that done if I'm going to get it done.   Yesterday  the talking heads    waited until 2pm to do our swimming because it's so much cooler than it has been.  Let me tell you, 20 degrees makes a big difference.  Well, I guess, the wind probably had a lot to do with it to.  Every time you bobbed above the water a little and then went back down, the water felt very warm, Only to  cool back off immediately.  I've really gotten addicted to the swimming pool this summer.  Usually I go a few times in the beginning of the year and then it gets too hot for me to go out and I quit going. But this year I have continued to go because I've have had friends to keep me going long enough to get me really loving the feeling of being in the water and the freedom of being able to move unencumbered.  Years ago when I first got sick, I had to just tread water right next to the side of the pool right next to the oxygen bottle.  I was lucky if I could do it for 15 minutes.  On dry land I cannot move that much so I'm really going to miss the pool when it closes in a few weeks.

Happy quilting

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