Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's such a pretty blue ribbon.  It's a shame all I get is a picture.  Oh well,  the life of the lowly quilter.  Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.  We make the the top into the quilt, but don't get the glory.  Some day I'll enter a quilt into the show in Kansas that is just for quilters. Ha!  I'm still in training wheels in comparison to those quilters, but someday...

Boy, it's a scorcher here.  My thermometer says 108!!  I'm sure when the news comes on it will say the high was 100 or maybe 99.  But let me tell you.  When my thermometer says 108 here, it's 108 HERE.  Not 99 officially, over grass, in the shade.  There is a difference. 

Started a new quilt this am.  Hope to finish it quick.  Want to get some of these quilts out so I can do some of my own stuff.  I have to make some bags (only 3) for my sister in the next couple of weeks for her 45th high school reunion.  That will be fun.

Happy quilting and stay cool.

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